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I'm Alan Medina

Welcome to my personal place on the Internet. I write code to pay the bills, but also enjoy writing and sharing cool stuff.


30 Days of JavaScript Coding

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Make Your NextJS Site Even Faster By Replacing React With Preact

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How To Create An Animated Sidebar With CSS and JavaScript

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Learn to Code For Free And Get a Job

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Lazy Loading Content In JavaScript: The Good Parts

Lazy-loading or asynchronous content loading is a technique that gives us the chance to deliver faster sites and apps because we don't have […]

How To Use Fullcalendar With Next.js (v10 or higher)

Learn how to use Fullcalendar with Next.js version 10 or higher. After applying a custom configuration, Fullcalendar will work as expected.[…]

Subset Your Web Fonts And Make Your Sites Fly

Did you know that by using font subsetting you can reduce the load time of your sites drastically? By following these steps, you can increas[…]

Recent Projects


As part of Patreon, I was part of a team dedicated to building internal tools for other departments. We built everything from scratch, based on requirements and feedback from other[…]



When I was part of the Hulu Development team, I was assigned to a team responsible for building an internal tool to help other departments to accomplish their goals. We bootstrappe[…]


IHG Booking Platform

IHG is a world-wide known chain of hotels with important brands like HolidayInn, Regent, Crowne Plaza, or Intercontinental. I was part of a team of developers in charge of improvin[…]

IHG Booking Platform